We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done
Alan Turing

[Native] mobile apps

Our apps are fast and specific to each platform's design standards: ready to provide the best user experience.

[Efficient] web development

We create agile and intuitive web applications using the most suitable technologies so that your projects can meet their goals. Don't set yourself limits.

[Scalable] systems

From the design phase to the administration of your systems, we keep your projects running..

[Customized] training

Get updated: we can give you advice on technologies such as continuous integration, virtualization and agile methodologies. Do you want to improve your productivity?


Design and maintenance of the infrastructure for the social network that changes the way you experience concerts.

Decyde Forum 2013

Mobile app development for the event, for iPhone and Android.


Collaboration on the development and maintenance of the platform for shopping centres and fairs.


Creation and maintenance of the platform invented by Marketing Activo Inteligente that changed the shopping experience. Winning concept at the 2011 Startup Weekend.
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